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The course is designed to provide students with an appreciation of the principles of the Heat Treatment of steels and aluminium alloys to satisfy the requirements of Nadcap and other quality audit schemes.

The course comprises three modules which deal with the principles of heat treatment, the heat treatment of steels, and the heat treatment of aluminium alloys respectively.

Standards such as AMS 2750 are introduced as appropriate.

Students are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course, via a structured series of both theoretical and practical phase assessments, which facilitate counselling and assistance where required. On request a formal end of course examination can be conducted.

The course includes but is not limited to:

  • The use of heat treatment to produce required metallurgical properties.
  • Cooling curves and equilibrium diagrams
  • Heat treatment of steels, Hardenability, Strength, and Toughness
  • Case hardening, Carburising, and Nitriding, De-carburising
  • Re-heat treatment, Re-tempering, Annealing, and Normalising
  • Heat treatment of Aluminium alloys, Annealing, Solution treatment
  • Natural ageing, Artificial ageing, Over ageing
  • Explanation of the heat treatment of Aluminium alloys
  • Control testing

Lunch, refreshments, and a complete set of course notes will be provided during the course.