MTD slider inspection 04

This course is designed to satisfy the syllabus requirements of PCN (General and Aerospace requirements) and those of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT). The course provides a basic foundation for Technicians, Inspectors, and Engineers called upon to Witness, Supervise, or conduct Visual Inspection procedures.

The course satisfies the formal training element for PCN and for SNT-TC-1A (ASNT) and can lead to both level 1 and level 2 PCN, SNT-TC-1A, BS EN 4179 or NAS 410 accreditation.

Standards such as BS EN 1370, BS EN 970, BS EN 1397 together with the various ASTM standards ASME V article 9, ANSI, API, and AWS standards.

Practical aspects are emphasised by ensuring that the relevant theoretical aspects are emphasised and various practical exercises are included.

Students are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course by use of a structured series of both theoretical and practical phase assessments. A formal end of course examination is available on request.

The course content includes:

  • Comparison with other methods
  • The physics and theory of light
  • Vision and the Human Eye
  • Conditions and environment for Inspection
  • Light sources, their characteristics and hazards
  • Optical aids
  • Recording images and video systems
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Measuring equipment
  • Surface preparations and preparation
  • Product Technology and Detectable Flaws

Lunch, refreshments, and a full set of course notes are provided during the course.