MTD slider inspection 12

This course is designed to give students a practical appreciation of various commonly used mechanical testing. The course is modular so that the different modules can be used as appropriate. The course addresses the requirements of various internationally applied specifications. Examinations are available which follow the pattern of BS EN ISO 4179 with general, specific, and practical elements. These examinations are available on request.

The course includes, but is not limited to:

Atomic structure, bonding, and crystal structure

The relationship between mechanical properties and design


Stress, strain, elastic and plastic behaviour, yield strength

Tensile test, Compressive test, Impact test

Transverse rupture, Shear, Fatigue, and Bend test

Factor of Safety

Heat Treatment, Phase diagrams

Heat Treatment, steels

Heat Treatment, aluminium alloys

Heat treatment, titanium

Heat treatment, nickel alloys

Heat treatment, superalloys

Note: Hardness testing is dealt with by a separate dedicated course

Lunches, refreshments, and a complete set of course notes will be provided during the course.