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The course is designed to provide a thorough theoretical and practical training in the principles of Tensile Testing and is designed to satisfy the training and examination principles outlined in EN4179 and NAS410, by way of being a defined method in the company Written Practice.

Practical training is given in a functioning UKAS accredited laboratory using a range of tensile machines from 5kN to 500kN.

The course is based on the requirements of BS EN 10 002 and ASTM A370, however specific client requirements can easily be accommodated by prior request.

Students are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course, via a structured series of both theoretical and practical phase assessments, which facilitate counselling and assistance where required. On request a formal end of course examination can be conducted.

The course includes but is not limited to:

The reasons for Tensile Testing 
Test piece design
Tensile test information
Maximum force
Yield strength
Proof strength
Parallel length
Gauge length
Stress/strain curve
Performing the test
Calculation of results
Youngs Modulus
The Hyteresis effect
Action following a failure

Lunches, refreshments, and a complete set of course notes will be provided during the course.