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The course is designed to provide sufficient theoretical understanding to technicians who are responsible for eddy current thickness measurement of coatings on electrically conductive substrate.

A typical example is the measurement of thermal; barrier coatings on metals. The measurement of the thickness of both electrically conductive and non-conductive coatings is discussed.

Appropriate Standards, Procedures, and Specifications of National and International organisations together with those of specifying commercial authorities are introduced during the course. Fully qualified instructors provide all tuition.

Students are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course, via a structured series of both theoretical and practical phase assessments, which facilitate counselling and assistance where required. On request a formal end of course examination can be conducted.

The course includes but is not limited to:

Electromagnetic properties of materials: conductors and insulators
Electrostatic forces: units of charge, current, potential difference EMF, resistance, conductance, resistivity, conductivity, permeability, and permittivity.
Electromagnetism: lines of force, fields, induction, field strength and direction, flux density, MMF, reluctance, coercivity, magnetic behaviour of materials
Electric Circuits: Ohm’s law, resistors, capacitors, inductors, direct current, alternating current, reactance, Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law
Alternating current: fields and forces due to current in a coil, induction, mutual induction, phase, single phase, multiple phase, impedance, capacitance, inductance, resistance
Eddy currents: theory, geometry, penetration, lift off, frequency effects, conductivity, permeability, coils
Coatings: non conductive coatings on a conductive base, conductive coatings on a conductive base conductive coatings on non conductive base, coatings on a ferromagnetic base material.
Electromagnetic measurements of coatings: eddy current measurements, inductive measurements

Lunch, refreshments, and a complete set of course notes will be provided during the course.