MTD slider inspection 05

Based on the syllabus requirements of PCN (GEN), the training course provides thorough training and qualification for Welding Inspection personnel including Technicians, Inspectors, and Engineers called upon to witness, supervise or conduct surveillance Welding Inspection activities.

The course satisfies the formal training element of the requirements of PCN and hence is the basic foundation which can lead to PCN Welding Inspector qualification(s).

Practical aspects are emphasised by ensuring that theoretical training is complemented with practical sessions concerning the details of welding inspection, including weldments, bend tests, fracture tests and macroscopic test assessments under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Course members are introduced to the variety of practical applications associated with Welding Inspection, paving the way for career development opportunities as a PCN Senior Welding Inspector level following further experience and training.

The aim of the Welding Inspection course is to ensure that candidates obtain a complete theoretical and practical understanding of the process control checks and report writing requirements needed to be able to carry out a range of welding inspection tasks.

Course members are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course, via a structured series of phase assessments, which facilitate individual counselling and assistance where required. In addition, practical assessments are conducted which contribute to a final course result and preparation for the PCN examination.

The content of the course includes:

  • Joints, welds and terminology; The role of the welding inspector; Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Inspection
  • Reporting; Codes and standards; Welding procedures; Welding processes; Welding consumables; Equipment for Welding Inspection
  • Cutting, gouging and edge preparation methods; Introduction to materials and metallurgy; Weldability of steels; Residual stress and distortion
  • Heat Treatments; Approval testing; Mechanical Testing of welds; Welding imperfections (defects); Repairs; Welding symbols on drawings
  • Health and Safety in Welding; Non-destructive testing and approvals and In-service failures

(A full Syllabus can be supplied on request).

Lunch, refreshments and a full set of course notes will be provided during the course.